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PSynth is the sound syntesizer platform, which allows to build your own synths/instruments from basic blocks. Instead of common approach of providing a set of knobs, and letting sound designer use them to tweak sounds, PSynth gives sound designers an editor to create their own knobs, controlling all aspects of synthesis process. This way, each instrument becomes a completely unique synthesizer by itself. Synth editor uses editing model similar to operator-stacking concept, common in demomaking tools. Simple tracker-like tool is provided to experiment with tune composing. Instrument and tune saving/loading is supported, as well as tune playback. Some of the blocks available for editing: c64-like arpeggiator, variable state (L/H/N/B) resonant filter, delay with feedback, square/tri/sine/saw/noise oscillators, add/multiply/..., clip/clamp, ADSR envelope generator, trancegate FX.

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